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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by the website;  I’m so glad you’re here!


My name is Lauren. I’m a mom of 4; an avid the office enthusiast; and I love Harry Potter (I’m a proud Hufflepuff). I’m also a special needs parent and advocate. 

My oldest daughter is autistic and non-speaking. I started The Colour Spectrum in order to have a space where she could be her authentic self, without fear or judgment, and meet other neuro-divergent kids. I also have three other children who have neurotypical brains, and I wanted a space where everyone was welcome, regardless of neurotype or ability. 

I started Cake Therapy 6 years ago when I made my son a Peppa Pig cupcake cake and realized how much I loved making treats. With a lot of time, a few sacrifices from my family, and support from the community, Cake Therapy has turned into a thriving little bakery. 

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you’ll come by the store and we get to meet you in person!

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