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We’re so excited you’re here!

The Colour Spectrum is Edmonton’s only autism-focused children’s art studio. Come play, build, and be creative while embracing your child’s authentic self.


At the Colour Spectrum, we welcome children of all abilities and encourage discovery and play through art.

Everyone is Welcome

So often, we encourage our children to embrace others and their unique abilities, but unless your child has a student in their class or a family member with autism, it's hard to put words into action! Come be a part of the Colour Spectrum Family and meet friends with all different neuro-types.

Who We Are

We’re Edmonton’s only accessible children’s art studio and we are so happy that you’ve decided to stop by. Are you looking for a fun way for your kiddo to blow off some energy but don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with all those fun activities? No worries, friend! That’s what we’re here for!

Come enjoy an hour of free expression time with your children, where they can be their creative selves, and you can enjoy your time with them without the worry that you will have to clean up the mess!

Let’s Get Messy

Come join us for open studio hours. Leave the mess with us and give your children the freedom to explore, create and get messy, all while being encouraged to interact with children of all abilities.

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